To the LPCS Class of ‘63

As Gus said to Woodrow, “It’s been quite a party, ain’t it.”

Can you think of a better time to be young? And damn....... wasn’t our music the best!! EVER!!

It’s all part of who we are and our story. We each have personal story that parallels the story of our generation. I would love to be with you to listen to your stories. I know you all have wonderful tales to tell. (Jack alone could take a week)

And then, of course, to talk about the memories that we already share. Weren’t we lucky to go to a small school where we could actually know each other? Where individually we were valued... not just a number, a face lost in the crowd. And not just by our peers, but by the faculty and staff, some of whom I think actually loved us.

I went through the yearbook photos that I sent just remembering each one of you, and, of course those who are no longer with us, one in particular. And I looked at each of you and remembered your laugh, the color of your eyes, your jokes, sometimes tears......each one of you with an individual memory. In my mind, of course, you look just like that yearbook picture. I know....I know... I’m sorry!

I can’t be with you this time. I must be off to California to see my new granddaughter. But know that I am thinking of you. Tell each other your unique and wonderful stories. Take lots of pictures. I am hoping this event will somehow bring us back together and perhaps we can, in this digital age, stay in touch with each other a little better than we have. What we share is unique..... no one else on the planet graduated from Lake Placid High School in the year 1963.

Have a wonderful time together. All my best,

Ardyce Ritchie Blohm

Houston, Mo.

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