To the LPCS Class of ‘63

To the Valley News:

Greetings classmates and graduates of the class of ‘63.

50 years. Wow!

When we stood on that graduation stage so long ago, whom among us thought this time would come so quickly. But here we are.

But we have a lot we didn’t have then............gray hair, wrinkles, reading glasses, aches and pains. big bellies, sagging butts.......... Medicare. Yes, well.... we earned it all didn’t we.

I told my Dad one day that I was feeling old having a daughter that was 38. He said, “How do you think I feel having a daughter on Medicare”.

It’s true.... but we also have our wonderful children, grandchildren and all the things that have come with the lives we built for ourselves. We have grown, aged, matured and I think we can say we are better than we were 50 years ago.

Whether we stayed in this beautiful town or traveled far, Lake Placid and our school were wonderful places to begin our journey and instrumental in giving us the foundation we needed to go off into the world and build our lives. Did we know what we wanted then? Some maybe, most probably not. But we found our way partly because of that foundation that was provided. We knew we came from a special place, didn’t we.

So off we went out into the world. I don’t think they had a clue what the world they were sending us into was about to become, nor did we. Our sedate, innocent, Leave it to Beaver, kind of left-over from the 50s world was about to get a lot more exciting. . JFK, MLK, RFK, The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Viet Nam, Kent State, Woodstock, the moon, the Muppets, wine skins, civil rights, women’s rights, gay rights, voting rights, hippies, yuppies, dead heads, folkies, LSD, white rabbits, peppermint alarm clocks, macramé, John Denver, Mrs. Robinson and Jesus freaks.....groovy.... and I think that’s just the 60s.

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