Style and Substance: On spousal roles in retirement

You may be worried that if he fully engages in retirement, he will get “old” faster and not be as excited to continue to try new things. Although you cannot live his life for him, you can express this worry. Perhaps you can make a pact; he tries an adventure you plan and you try an adventure he plans. This fun approach will help keep you young at heart and young in body and soul. Fun events can also go far in relieving the tension that exists due to differing expectations.

Invite your partner into an active role in your business, one he can define and thereby achieve greater success for you both. Praise his strengths and include him as a business partner as well as a life partner. Understand, you may not have the same definition of ambition, but you have encouraged him with positive talk and a real say in the business.

Money is very often a highly emotional and sensitive area of discussion for many couples. Budgets, savings and cash flow should be addressed, and figured into the long term equation. When financial security is viewed as a benefit rather than a dictate, much of the highly charged conversation can be turned into common ground. Good luck!

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