‘Copperhead’ screened at Cumberland 12

Copperhead Movie to be played at Cumberland 12 Theaters.

Copperhead Movie to be played at Cumberland 12 Theaters.

— Patriot to some. Traitor to others. This is the slogan of Producer Ron Maxwell’s newest film, “Copperhead.” Maxwell, producer of “Gettysburg” and “Gods and Generals,” is known for bringing the trials of the Civil War era to the cinema.

“Copperhead” will be shown at 7 p.m. starting on Friday, June 28 to Thursday, July 4 at Cumberland 12 Cinema in Plattsburgh. And, on June 29 around 12 p.m. there will also be special reenactments of the Civil War and inclusive, hands-on events and displays for the audience, at the cinema. Marketing Director of Cumberland 12 Cinemas, W.F. “Skip” Toney stated, “Copperhead is an exclusive limited engagement for one week. That means, only 30 cinemas have been chosen around the country to show this film—one being here in Plattsburgh, because of its proximity to where the story is based.”

Copperhead the movie is a film based on a fiction novel written by Harold Frederic in 1893. Although it is fiction, the novel relies heavily on actual events of the Civil War, but is told in a perspective that is quite uncommon for the time period, from the stance of a family opposed to the war. Toney provided that, “It is quite unusual but historically accurate and producer Ron Maxwell is certainly schooled in the Civil War era.”

Abner Beech, the main character, is an Upstate New York farmer from the Ticonderoga area who is viewed as a traitor in 1862, because as screenwriter, Bill Kauffman, a born-and-raised Upstate New Yorker states about the character, “You have a guy saying ‘no’ when everybody around him is saying ‘yes’—he is viewed as a traitor by his community because of his dissent against the war, his want to preserve what matters to him, his home and family.”

The limited engagement showing of Copperhead at Cumberland 12 is not only special because of its proximity to where the story is based, but it highlights an accomplished cast which includes: Peter Fonda, known for his role as Captain America; Billy Campbell, recently on AMC’s “The Killing;” and Angus Macfadyen, known for his role as Robert the Bruce in “Braveheart.”

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