Turning Back the Pages

The king and queen of England with their entire entourage were present at the races. (Note: Suffragettes, followers of Emmeline Pankhurst, were members of an early 20th century movement in the UK and USA to secure rights for women to vote — and their demonstrations were often violent.)

Verdict of ‘Not Guilty’

The case of Leonard Frazier of Horicon came up for trial June 18, 1913. Frazier was accused of shooting at F.G. Thomas, a game protector whose home is in Ticonderoga. The shooting took place last fall in the Town of Horicon. There has been much local interest in this case.

Thomas was trailing Frazier and his two companions, Samuel Girard and Fred Kingsley, believing that they were hounding deer. Girard and Kingsley were indicted on the same charge and their cases are being tried separately.

The next day at Warren County Court in Lake George, the defendant Leonard Frazier proved an alibi and was found Not Guilty. The charges against Girard and Kingsley were dismissed by Judge Raley.

The good life

Arthur Lewis Tubbs of Philadelphia, formerly of Warrensburgh and Glens Falls, will sail from New York Wednesday, July 1, 1913 on the Cunard Line steamer Carpathia, for a two-month tour of Europe, accompanied by a small party of friends. They will visit Italy, Switzerland, Holland, Germany, France and England. On Aug. 30, 1913 they will sail from Liverpool on the Mauretania to return home by Sept. 5, 1913 to New York. (Note: Arthur Lewis Tubbs, born in Glens Falls, was the youngest brother of Warrensburgh News editor, John Livingston Tubbs. He became established as Music and Dramatic Critic on the Philadelphia Evening Bulletin and wrote poetry for leading magazines of the era. He also wrote plays, dramas of rural life, many of which were performed at the Music Hall in Warrensburgh.)

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