More thoughts on Minerva budget

To the News Enterprise:

This is in response to the most recent letter to the editor that was in here called “cuts hurt real world educational experiences.” After reading this piece, I got the impression that it was a predrafted piece by either her mother or by MCS who would go to any lengths to brainwash this town into passing more wasteful spending that this school has done over the years. No 14-year-old girl would have the knowledge to draft a piece like this. So people, be more aware to all of the facts. People here are some questions that you should give answers to. One: Why did the teachers of MCS choose not to take a 60 percent pay cut in order to save the programs that were cut? Why still have pork belly programs in place that only a half a precent of kids are in? People, why still have these programs? WHY? On June 18, vote no because it will force MCS to be more fiscally responsible and a victory to all of us, the taxpayers, but a vote.

Yes, it will force a triple tax increase and will bankrupt the town if you all vote yes on June 18 for things that we cannot afford anymore, people.

Christopher “Hawkeye” Bennett


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