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Everyone knows Adirondackers are a tough lot. Historically, they lived off the land to make ends meet. Today, some still live off the land; however, life is much easier today than it was in the 1800-1900s. They (including myself) are still a tough lot. I say this because many of my family members and friends afar gasp, choke, and even laugh when I tell them the town I live in doesn’t have a grocery store. Their response is, “Seriously, how do you survive?” My answers are always the same, “It’s not that hard; I have grown accustomed to it; I have two freezers and a big pantry. Besides, I can pretty much get what I need in Indian Lake.”

It is not all horrors to be without a grocery store. Sure, it would be more convenient, but actually the local business have really stepped up to the plate and saved the day.

The Adirondack One Stop in Indian Lake on Route 30 is like a grocery store — only smaller. You’ll find just about whatever you are looking for there — fresh produce and deli items, a hearty supply of frozen products, plenty of dairy, dry and canned goods. It is very much the same as you’d find at Price Chopper or Hannaford. They even have baskets you can put your groceries in.

If you can’t find what you are looking for at the One Stop, you can try Stewart’s Shops, just around the corner on Route 28. Again, they offer the same things a grocery store would. Plus, they feature their own Stewart’s specialty product line of a variety of items such as milk, ice cream, doughnuts, bread and more that are produced in New York state. What could be better?

And, let’s not forget The Lake Store in Sabael, farther south on Route 30. They offer a full line of grocery items as well. If you shop there, you can pick up dinner and a souvenir for someone special — now that’s one-stop shopping. I also just learned you can get fresh meat delivered from Warrensburg’s own Jacobs & Toney’s: Meat Store of the North.

Christine Pouch is the president of the Indian Lake Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors.

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