Graduation advice from the staff here at Denton Publications

From Publisher Dan Alexander:

“Many attitudes regarding careers and work-life expectations have changed since I left high school in the early 1970s, but if I had one piece of advice to offer it would be this. Dedication to the job you’ve accepted and recognizing the job is not about you it’s about the goals of the organization you work for. By putting your organization first you’ll never have to worry about career advancements, your talents will be sought out by others as recognition of your efforts. No task is too small to put your name on and a positive giving attitude will still take you farther then a self centered ‘What’s-in-it-for-me’ approach ever will.”

From Times of Ti Editor Fred Herbst:

“Graduates, there’s bad news and good news on your commencement.

The bad news is you are no where near as special, talented or gifted as people are telling you today. In fact, you — like the rest of us — are pretty ordinary.

The goods news is that ordinary people accomplish extraordinary things every day. They raise families. They build communities. They educate others. They defend our country. The list of extraordinary accomplishments by ordinary people is endless. They do it through hard work, sacrifice and commitment. No less is expected of you.”

From Managing Editor John Gereau:

“One of the best graduation speeches I have had the privilege of hearing was delivered in 2012 by actor Salman Kahn to the graduating class at MIT. In summary, Kahn told the graduates to live life like it was their second time through it — like a genie magically appeared before them at age 70 and allowed them to travel back to age 18 and do it all over again, affording the opportunity to change the parts they later regretted.

As you travel along the rocky road of life, keep that advice in mind. How would you treat those you love and what life altering decisions would you make if it were your second chance to do so?

Lastly, treat your parents and your knees kindly. You will miss them both when they are gone.”

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