Graduation advice from the staff here at Denton Publications

From reporter Katherine Clark:

“Right now is a time of endless possibilities. Which can seem liberating or crushing. Looking back it is hard to imagine that my classmates and I at 18 and younger were capable of making the decisions that determined the course of our entire lives. Our lives went in different directions based on the colleges we attended, the majors we picked and changed or the jobs we were hired into.

At the time that I graduated high school I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my life but I really had no idea how I would get there. Everyone told me journalism is a dying field that will have little to no jobs by the time I graduated. The fact that I was able to start writing professionally within a year of graduating college and stay within the Adirondack Park still amazes me.

My best advice to graduating seniors is to keep your mentors close, stay true to your passions, choose friends who will be a true support to your goals in life and career and not an anchor against the current of your success, and be open to taking paths you might not have planned to take.”

From Assistant Managing Editor Andy Flynn:

“Do what you love. It’s not always easy in this world, with bills and the need for health insurance. Sometimes a higher-paying job can take you on a side trip of sorts, but always strive for finding that happy place. Life is too short.”

From Valley News Editor Keith Lobdell:

“I am going to take a pair of statements I have heard from the former NFL player, coach and current football analyst Herm Edwards. The first is, ‘nothing good EVER happens after 2 a.m.’ Be young, have fun, but know your limitations. The second is, ‘don’t press send!’ Think before you blog, tweet, post, message, whatever. Once you press send, you can hit delete as quickly as possible, but what you just sent is out there forever. Make sure that nothing in your youth ever comes back to haunt you in the real world.”

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