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Last week our Editorial Board wrote an excellent editorial about the passing of the Greatest Generation and the efforts of the Honor Flight to transport WWII Vets to Washington DC to visit the memorial erected in their honor.

When we think about their sacrifices, their heroic efforts and their commitment to the values this country represents, it created a benchmark for future generations on how to overcome in surmountable odds. They fought for their belief in themselves, their nation and the freedom of future generations.

They took great pride when they would introduce themselves saying “I’m an American.” Raising the flag and knowing what it represented was an emotional experience for most. To others around the world that phrase and the flag represented many things; Freedom, Strength. Friendship and Hope. Far from perfect, the entry of the United States in the Great Conflict tipped the scale in favor of the Allies, but it all began with a united effort and a nation that was totally committed to victory.

During the war everyone, in the service or at home, recognized the only path to victory was one of complete support. Every man women and child of all ages joined in the effort from food and gas rationing at home in the states, to the ultimate sacrifice of losing loved ones fighting the war. The cost, no matter how great was recognized, as the price our nation had to pay to preserve our way of life and be a beacon for the world.

That Greatest Generation helped save the world and created an environment for the prosperity we enjoy today. But sadly, I wonder how they feel about where we are moving the country today? Are our efforts in keeping with the values they so held dear and that so many gave their lives to secure? As a nation with so much opportunity afforded us by their sacrifice, are we taking advantage of those opportunities to secure the nation and its values for the generations to follow?

Dan Alexander is associate publisher of New Market Press and publisher and CEO of Denton Publications. He may be reached at dan@newmarketpressvt.com or dan@denpubs.com.

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