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To the Times of Ti:

This past year, I decided to pursue investigating one of Andy Powvorznik’s pet community projects. He wanted to restore one of our town’s most spectacular vistas.

The foaming tumbling waters leaving Lake George over a 200 feet drop in elevation on its way to Lake Champlain creates a most picturesque view that most towns could only hope for.

I realized that we would have to partner up with the hydro company that owns the property, but that should not be a big problem. We have already given up our community birthright claim to the generation of power from these waters; we should surely gain their cooperation in restoring our vista.

The town board could appoint a committee for the expressed purpose of revisiting one of our former councilman’s dreams of creating a more beautiful and resourceful use of the upper Lachute Falls.

This committee would certain attract a host of volunteers. In fact, Tony Reale, Joe Michalak and others have already provided their expertise and advice.

Ad hoc committees like these are very important to our community and are disbanded after project completion.

These types of projects are “win-win” helping bring our community together for the common good without asking others to sacrifice.

Albert Powvorznik, Ticonderoga

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