Thoughts on the Minerva budget

To the News Enterprise:

This letter is to the community of Minerva as to ask for all of your help in the upcoming budget voting.

Our school budget was voted down to people thinking our school was over staffed for the students that we have enrolled and a lot of unnecessary things. I can set you all straight as far as the student’s outlook is on this all. They are actually willing to pay Mr. B their band teacher their allowances to keep him.

As for teachers, they have all took pay freezes and are willing to take job cuts just to allow the students to keep what they are going to lose. As I figure it all out, I can admit things are tough academically with food, fuel, gas and taxes all going up, so this seems like something else too, but its really not. The $80 a year ($7 monthly) will give the MCS students the extra help with academics that a lot of our students need with the higher standards the state expected of them now. If nothings left but hard work, ho earn it and nothing to give them self esteem “band, music, art, physical education” then we’re looking at drop out and dim future for Minerva school district because the families will move away. There has been no tax increase for four years even though the state funding was taken away. The schools always put the students best interest in the front, now they are asking us as a community to support them and we have said NO!

Please reconsider our budget plan for June 18. This ones only $30 more a year but with their kids losing out anyways, could you at least consider what this all means to the students and vote YES.

Hayley D. Killon, North Creek

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