Turning Back the Pages

Mrs. Drake has for 2 or 3 years conducted the Wayside Inn, well described by that name, just above the village of North Creek and the testimony would indicate that there has been some high old times there. The conviction carries with it automatic forfeiture of the defendant’s liquor certificate and the place will undoubtedly be closed, a consummation to be devotedly hoped for by all decent people of the locality if only half of the evidence given at the trial was true.

Motorman drops dead

Just after completing work on Sunday night, June 8, 1913, Luther W. Cook, 50, a motorman on the Hudson Valley Railroad, dropped dead in Saratoga Springs on his way to the office of Dr. E.H. King for medical treatment. Coroner Small decided that death was caused by Valvular disease of the heart. The deceased frequently ran cars to Warrensburgh.

New road opens

The new state road between Warrensburgh and Lake George, which has been in course of construction for two years, was opened Saturday, June 28, 1913 by order of the state highway department. The road is not yet entirely completed but the top dressing will be applied while it is in use.

The road is pronounced by motorists one of the best in this section. The last 3 miles of the Chestertown road will be finished in about 10 days and a long stretch of improved highway will then be completed between Albany and Westport, Essex County.

Water wheel brings darkness

The electric lights in Warrensburgh gently faded away about 9 o’clock Saturday night, June 21, 1913 and left the town in darkness in the midst of its busy week-end activity. A break in the water wheel was the cause and dusty old oil lamps packed away in homes and stores were hastily brought out, cleaned up and put in commission.

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