Could you tell about a place where you’ve had a lot of fun?

“ A cool and fun place would be, dreaming in my sleep because I like to sleep and I dream in my sleep about fun places. So, when I sleep I dream about all the places I want to go to and all the places I will go to. Some are funny but whatever I do and whatever dreams I get I know that I love, I mean really love to sleep. I think sleeping is the funnest I mean the funnest thing in the world because sleeping helps me wake up in the early morning and be awake and ready to start the day and go to school.” (Drue DeGroat)

“My favorite cool fun place is the Funspot. It is in Glens Falls. I go roller skating there. I go on a climbing wall and play laser tag. I went with my softball team and I liked. I like to roller skate. We got to eat, and play ad ride the go-carts, my mom, dad and Robert my brother did not go. Our team used our Avon money to pay for it.” (Nicole Lynn Brown)

“I had a lot of fun at the Great Escape because you can ride fast things like the Sasquatch and the Comet. The Great Escape has this cool water slide. The Comet was the first roller coaster ever built. The Comet is my favorite ride because it starts low then it goes very high. I rode the Sasquatch. It was very fun. One of the workers was very funny because before we go fast up in the air he will say “Oink, oink, oink.” He is very funny. The Boomerang goes in circles. It is scary when it goes around in circles. The fastest roller coaster is the Steamin’’ Demon. I go to the Great Escape every year because my mom, dad and my brothers like to go.” (Harley Dick)

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