Father’s Day 2013

Kids Count

Love your children without qualification. Love them even if they are not the best student, best athlete or best whatever.

As a Dad, you must be grown up yourself; Dads must be adults not pals or friends with their kids while they are younger.

Time, giving the best you can of your time as often as you can will help your children to be happy and well adjusted.

Children need structure and discipline, not yelling screaming or hitting. Discipline is about teaching and learning and relationship building.

Stress learning and education whatever your child decides to do education will help them to succeed. Raise your children to become independent and confident so that they can make their own way in the world and not dependent on you.

Teach them that life is short and terribly valuable. Idling away in front of a television or video game falls drastically short of realizing the brevity of this life.

Finally, fathers tend to be the mistake makers in families. Therefore they are the best teachers of forgiveness and accountability. Teach your children to be accountable for what they do wrong and right.

Imbedded in this learning is the knowledge that we must also forgive ourselves for the mistakes that we make and we all make them.

It has been a great source of satisfaction and joy to be someone’s father and I feel privileged to have had this opportunity. I also know that fathers that are not always our biological fathers.

Sometimes we are fathered by men around us, Uncles, Grandfathers, neighbors, teachers, brothers, and coaches’ employers and yes, even our friends. These men who have helped to shape us and care for us have also been fathers to us.

On this Father’s Day don’t forget the men who have fathered you though they may not always show it, they love you and care for you very much in their own way.

Remember, all kids count.

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