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To the Times of Ti:

I can sympathize with Dan Alexander’s Viewpoint from last week’s Times of Ti as I was a chief executive officer and I also followed President Truman’s example of taking the blame when something happened at my business. President Truman as many of us remember had a sign on his desk at the White House stating “The Buck Stops Here!” Unfortunately no President since President Truman has followed his example!

Taking responsibility goes even further in our government and stretches to our legislators of all political persuasions as well as our Supreme Court! Washington bureaucrats for the most part do well in their jobs but when they make bad judgement calls as in the case of the IRS they make excuses like schoolchildren! A few years ago the IRS audited me for “business expenses” and I have been retired for 17 years! I contacted the IRS and explained that I was retired I didn’t have any business expenses I was told to submit copies of receipts for every exemption I claimed even though I was being audited for business expenses I never claimed! After much frustration and digging up copies of expenses as well as paying for special delivery I received a letter from the IRS months later saying, “We are pleased to let you know our audit is completed and your tax return is correct.”

I have never received an explanation as to why I was audited for business expenses I never had! No one took blame for making me spend days and months waiting for the G-Men to knock on my door! As a taxpayer I want my president, legislators and civil servants to be accountable for their actions and of those under them! President Harry Truman made decisions many would have put to others but he made them and took responsibility for them. I am sending a copy of this letter to President Obama and my legislators to let them know “the buck stops with them” and the Washington bureaucrats!

Gary P. Guido, Ticonderoga

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