Good news

To the Valley News:

Good news for those who wish to take responsibility for their safety into their own hands. On Friday, May 24, radio station 810 reported that the NYS Sheriff’s Association was joining in a lawsuit against the Safe Act. Most sincere thanks to those sheriffs who pushed for this.

Also the same station reported that the Colorado Sheriff’s Association was suing Colorado for their equivalent to NYS Safe Act gun law. Their association also stated they would not enforce the new gun laws. It is also reported that a strong movement is underway to recall, with by-partisan support, those who supported the Colorado law. Many chiefs of police are in support of the people and the sheriff’s association suit, but are not outspoken because they are appointed, not elected, and fear the loss of their jobs.

The officers on the street that I’ve spoken to are also against the Safe Act.

Recently one citizen was arrested for having nine rounds instead of seven in his clip. The DA reportedly opted not to prosecute. The reason was not stated. I hope reason was why he or she reached that decision.

May God bless you all, and God bless our sheriffs.

John Capek, Crown Point

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