Graduation 2013

Kids Count

I suppose that every parent wants to know that they have done a good enough job raising their children and that as parents we are unselfish enough to release our children to their own destinies. Only then can they pursue their interests, their passions with whatever talents and energies they see fit to invest in these pursuits.

Graduation reminds us that parenthood is an experience that provokes emotions in us that are often unexpected and sometimes not easily explained. I guess I always wanted to be one of those really cool parents who eventually became best friends with their children. Alas, I have fallen far short of being a cool parent in fact; I have been the polar opposite of that parent.

I have recently concluded that only parents with remote relationships can become best friends with their children. Most parents have far too much emotionally meaningful history with their children to be best friends. I suppose I will continue to offer unsolicited advice to my daughter about what she should be doing, wearing, listening to and where she should be living. I do this knowing that we have done a good enough job as parents for her to listen to me but to then make her own decisions about her life, after all isn’t that a graduation day of sorts as well.

So while I and other parents opine that the time passes too quickly I know that all the graduates will be listening but looking ahead to the next milestone and next graduation along the way. Congratulations to all the graduates who will cross the stage to receive their diplomas this year and congratulations to all the parents, families and friends who helped to make their graduation a reality.

Remember, all kids count.

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