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The Boquet River

The Boquet River

Years ago there was a TV commercial about hamburgers with an old woman asking the question: “Where’s the beef”? After numerous attempts at finding some trout on the Boquet River, many anglers are now asking the question: “Where’s the fish?” I met three different guys out fly fishing this past week, and they all have the same gripe: no fish, not even a rise. All of them found some choice spots with pools, runs and riffles, but no rising fish. These guys were seasoned veterans, not rookies!

If I don’t catch fish, I figure it’s just another bad day. We all have them. Today was one of them. I caught every branch and leaf that was in and around the stream. Even if there was only one lone branch in the stream, with a small twig sticking out of the water, I caught it today. I even caught my dog. I was tying on a new section of tippet when my dog walked by and got caught in the line. He pulled the rod out of my grasp. What a day. He was lucky! That dog was almost shark bait!

I was holding a WWII era, vintage bamboo rod. It is a classic and I wanted to try my luck with it after 60 years of storage. I was trying to break it in, not break it in half. Bamboo rods are part of history and I had to have one just to try the laid back, slow motion of bamboo. It’s a grandpa thing!

Two of the guys I talked with said they were going out of state to fish again. They had just returned from Massachusetts, fishing and said it was great. They were from the Schroon Lake area and love the Adirondacks but are very frustrated with the stream fishing in this area. They were catching some beautiful fish in Massachusetts according to their stories. The guys were going back, a 4 to 5 hour drive they didn’t look forward to, but said it was worth it for the great fishing.

Rich Redman is a retired District Conservationist for the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service and an avid outdoorsman. His column will appear regularly. He may be reached at rangeric@nycap.rr.com.

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