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To the Valley News:

Several Keeseville Village Residents are circulating a petition to vote on the Village Plan. We have heard from many that another vote would happen when the plan was presented the public. An additional vote will only occur if village residents request so by petition. The village board is now working on the plan and will be holding public hearings. It is in our best interest to attend these public hearings to make the best decision for our future. The first public hearing will be held on June 11, at 5:30 p.m. at the Village offices.

I did research on villages that have dissolved and found to my surprise, that services were lost and taxes increased after the second year of dissolution. The town that inherited the village said they did not see clearly what was facing them and increased all levels of town government in some way. Since 2010 research showed 16 village went for dissolution out of these 16 only three did dissolve with 13 NOT dissolving. What does this tell us? Dissolution is not always the best way to solve our concerns.

Contrary to what some may want us to think, not all committee members are in favor of the plan, nor are they in favor of dissolution at this time. Committee members have signed the petition to request a second vote. Town board members have signed the petition. If members of the committee and town board member feel uncertain it makes me wonder about the study/plan.

Marjorie Zmijewski, Keeseville

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