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This reader raises some valid points. I did not research the number of visits Mr. Shulman made to the White House. I did pull that information from other reported news sources. I did personally hear Mr. Shulman’s response, on the radio while traveling, when asked why he had visited the White House. His response that he was at the Easter Egg Roll was not appropriate and should have offended every American. The commenting reader asked that I go to The Atlantic website that attempts to explain why Mr. Shulman may have been scheduled and cleared to attend a meeting but does not necessarily mean that he actually attended those meetings. Neither Mr. Shulman nor the article provides specific details whether Mr. Shulman did or did not attend the White House “X” number of times and if so with whom and what were the purpose of his visits. Democrat or Republican, we all should expect and demand straight, truthful answers when asked without sarcasm.

Let me shift gears and offer this best example of how I would like to see our elected officials and those who work for government perform their jobs. A lot has been made by both sides of the political spectrum recently when Democratic President Obama visited New Jersey as the guest of Republican Governor Chris Christy to tour the recovery progress from Hurricane Sandy cooperatively working together as American Leaders doing the jobs they were elected to do. Both are to be applauded for their professionalism and not acting like spoiled kids who don’t get their way at a birthday party. Republicans and Democrats must work together to serve the people’s needs, plain and simple and the news media must help us make them both toe the line of accountability and stop choosing sides. Political campaigning must not override governing. It’s the primary reason I encourage one six-year-term for the presidency instead of two four-year terms.

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