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One of the great benefits of putting my thoughts in print for more than 100,000 readers each week is the response I get. This column has both critics and supporters, and each response is greatly valued. Some of you think I’m of liberal leanings and others believe I’m a conservative. I hope I’m a little of both, forcing candidates to not take my vote for granted. Based on responses, I believe many of you think like me in this process.

The single most important point I try to get across is that we must not get caught up in partisan politics. As Americans, we must resist the current trend our politicians have set in place to divide and split the nation. We must all be on guard to read, listen and watch many sources of information and judge the facts for ourselves and not through politically colored filters.

In last week’s column, I took exception to the lack of information and accountability coming out of some of the current investigations in Washington. I received an email from one of our readers last week regarding my comments. Here is an excerpt…. “Over the years you have consistently berated President Obama’s policies and performance even calling on him not to run for a second term back in 2012.  You are entitled to your opinion of course and you are entitled to lecture us all about personal responsibility and standing up to admit error.  But the fact is that in the past you have taken GOP/right wing talking points and published them as if they were facts and this latest editorial is another example.  It is not journalism, it’s propaganda, no different than Michele Bachmann’s claim a while back that the President was spending $200 million a day on a state visit to India.  You were not responsible for the erroneous report of Mr. Shulman’s White House visits and perhaps you haven’t fallen for the whole ‘President and IRS collude to rig the election’ meme that some are peddling.  But you were responsible for publishing their nonsense without independently checking facts and thus it would seem that a correction and an apology are the appropriate way for you to demonstrate that ‘personal responsibility’ are more than mere words to you.”

Dan Alexander is associate publisher of New Market Press and publisher and CEO of Denton Publications. He may be reached at dan@newmarketpressvt.com or dan@denpubs.com.

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