Ticonderoga visitor pleased

To the Times of Ti:

As a great number of families in the area, my family enjoys the Fourth of July in Ticonderoga. My family has found going from Whitehall to Ticonderoga by boat most memorable. My brother, nephew and I started the trip north but I had to turn around having engine troubles. Two of my passengers go into the other two boats.

When I got back to the South Bay boat launch, my fiancée and I not wanting to miss the fireworks, stated to Ticonderoga in our car.

Finding a parking lot close to the action and it being dark, I was more than happy to pay $5 for the privilege. Reaching for my wallet I was surprised to find it gone. My lady had to pay.

I thought it may be home in the pants I was wearing earlier in the day. Not finding it I was sure it had fallen out of my pocket when I was having engine trouble. Having hope beyond hope, I tore my house apart, but no luck.

To my surprise on July 9 I received a phone call from the Whitehall Police Department that the Ticonderoga Police Department had my wallet with all the contents still there.

It is great to know that we live in an area where good people still live. It’s possible that other areas in the state I might have had a similar outcome, but I prefer the great Northeast.

God Bless America.

Daniel M. Gordon, Whitehall

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