How long until we are color blind?

Thoughts from Behind the Pressline

How significant to our country is the outcome of the Zimmerman trial?

At a point in time when we would like to think that the nation has long since put racial differences behind us, this case and those who feel justice was not served are causing us to do some head scratching and soul searching.

African Americans have made great strides is our society. One has even reached the highest pinnacle of our nation serving as our President, yet it would seem many still do not feel they are treated equally in our society, especially in the judicial and law enforcement systems in our nation.

This trail was not supposed to be about race, but from the president, the media and many others it seems hard to see how it’s been about anything but race. How can we remove race from this and other watershed moments that appear as flashpoints?

Let’s look at this situation from several viewpoints and see if changing the facts would change your thoughts on the outcome.

  1. Zimmerman shoots and kills Martin but Zimmerman has no bloodied skull or broken nose?

  2. Martin shoots and kills Zimmerman and Zimmerman has a bloodied skull and broken nose?

  3. Martin shoots and kills Zimmerman and Martin has a broken nose and bloodied skull?

  4. Martin shoots and kills Zimmerman and Martin has a broken nose and bloodied skull but Zimmerman was a woman?

I think no matter how you change the facts in the examples above the African American community that is outraged over the case believes Zimmerman would have been acquitted regardless of how those facts were altered. The sense I get from the recent, mostly peaceful, demonstrations are that many in the African American community feel justified over the emotional response to the Zimmerman acquittal, but is it overshadowing a much deeper problem?

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