A special swim

brother, sister duo follow in dad’s footsteps

Pictured from left are Jeanne, Matt, Shauna and Ron Weiskotten.

Pictured from left are Jeanne, Matt, Shauna and Ron Weiskotten.

— To train for the swim, Matt and Shauna built up their endurance.

Matt works as a lifeguard at his local YMCA so he often swims after work.

“I have spent the last couple months preparing for this swim by working myself up to 100 laps a day for 5 days a week,” he said.

Shauna was on the JV swim team in high school, so she knew she had to mentally as well as physically prepare to swim that length.

“I started training around January through maybe half of March, but then I got really busy with job interviewing,” she said, “so when I got into the water, I was thinking ‘I’ll swim along as far as I can.’”

At just after 1 p.m. on Tuesday, they started out from their grandparent’s summer home in Willsboro; Matt, clad in just swimming trunks, and Shauna, wearing a swim cap, goggles, and a Speedo swimsuit.

Ron drove the boat, while Jeanne watched them and their sister, Leanna, handed them Gatorade to keep them hydrated.

“The lake was beautiful, it was nice and calm the whole way. The thing we watched out for was logs but of course at the speed we were going there wasn’t much danger,” Ron said.

“At first I was thinking it was too warm, but then I kind of realized once we got past Juniper and the lake was colder, which felt nicer, my muscles started cramping more,” Shauna said, “so I was actually grateful that it had been really warm the whole way.”

However, some stormy conditions appeared early into the swim.

“When we got a little ways out, maybe around the [Four Brother] Islands, it started looking more and more stormy toward the New York side and of course the swimmers weren’t aware of that, they were too focused on Vermont,” Jeanne said.

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