Turning rain into lemonade

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Rain, rain go away. Really. It’s OK. We have things to do.

This comment is strictly personal, and I wonder if others feel the same. I’m fortunate that my potted plants are flourishing without my having to pay a bit of attention to them. Should I feel guilty? NOT. Typically, I plant my pots just after Mother’s Day and tend to have to re-pot a few here and there before July 4th so I can live up to the high expectations of my holiday visiting family gardeners who are amazed we can grow anything here in the Adirondacks — let alone a potted flowers and a garden. This year, however, has been very different. The rain saved me. My absenteeism as a responsible gardener was OK.

Many of us are tired of the rain. I am. I hear lots of neighbors complaining they can’t keep up with mowing their yards because the dry days are few and far between. Imagine being a tourist spending time in Indian Lake — having planned your amazing one to two-week vacation in the Adirondacks, shelling out perhaps a $1,000 or more for a week in a nice cabin or lodge, only to have it rain 50-75 percent of the time.

Question: How do you make the best of the rain, your vacation, and receive the best return on ones leisure investment?

Answer: You turn lemons into lemonade.

My answer and theme of this article comes directly from an encounter with a very young visitor (maybe 10 years old) I had the opportunity to meet at the Adirondack Museum. As I was waiting for friends to meet me for lunch, a rambunctious, friendly boy raised his arms in a flapping motion and danced in front of me. He told me he was the “green ghost” (his rain gear was army green and he announced this “ghost costume” was the first he’d ever had). He told me he never had a “ghost” cape before and it was his very first time camping in the Adirondacks. He introduced me to the “red ghost”— his younger brother — who had an oversized red rain poncho wrapped around him. I immediately felt compelled to apologize to the family for the rainy weather. His parents responded that no matter the weather — rain, sleet or snow — they were determined to introduce their children to the Adirondacks, to Indian Lake and all it offers, regardless of the rain. This was the first trip of many they intended and they knew Mother Nature is really the driving force behind what one experiences when visiting the region. They were determined to make the best of it and creatively chose to turn a down pour into a perfect day for “ghosts” to play. This family didn’t let a few downpours dampen their spirits. Bravo to them.

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