Concerned with Comprehensive Plan

To the Valley News:

It’s been many months since a self-appointed group began work on a Comprehensive Plan for the Town of Elizabethtown. From the beginning this group insisted that the Plan would not extend beyond the borders of the hamlet of E’town and publicly ridiculed any who suggested otherwise.

On June 26 a Comprehensive Plan meeting occurred whereby the Town Board was repeatedly informed that the Plan will indeed be “ town wide.‘ It will include New Russia, and extend as far as the Underwood Club area where a new traffic circle is hoped for.

They still insist that the plan is not a “ Law “ so there’s nothing to worry about. However, while it may not technically be a “ Law,” it will be a Local Ordinance and therefore have the power to influence things from a zoning prospective. A Local Ordinance doesn’t require a public vote, only a vote of the Town Board. Only 3 votes are needed to approve. Supervisor Bartley and Councilperson Hatch are strong supporters of this Plan and will likely try to push a vote through this fall, before the elections.

An interesting part of the Plan is a new group called a Conservation Advisory Council ( CAC. ) This new group will advise the Planning Board. Perhaps they will appoint themselves, as the Comprehensive Plan group has done. It sounds like our own local version of the APA and Adirondack Council, which I suspect is exactly what it is.

A complete rework of hamlet zoning is also part of the Plan. That will start as soon as the Plan is adopted by the Town Board.

For those of you in E’town and New Russia who value your property rights, it’s time to pay attention. The wolf is at your door. Another meeting will be occurring at the end of July.

Ken Fenimore, Elizabethtown

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