BluSeed offers class to paint paper with pulp

Carol Marie Vossler demonstrated making with pulp for her upcoming class at BluSeed Studio.

Carol Marie Vossler demonstrated making with pulp for her upcoming class at BluSeed Studio.

— Before text messages and emails there was only paper. It is still has many uses — including serving as a canvas for artwork. With that in mind, BluSeed Studios will, for the first time, offer a class on paper pulp painting.

Carol Marie Vossler, Artistic Director for BluSeed Studios and class instructor, said paper pulp painting is an art form in which an image is made solely of handmade paper, a process in which wet paper pulp can be collaged, poured or molded together.

Vossler said the class is ideal for artists at any level.

“You don’t have to be so creative and talented, this form of artwork just comes naturally,” said Vossler . “It’s fun, spontaneous and you don’t have to be experience it just comes intuitively.”

Students are asked to bring an old shirt in any color they wish to be pulped. Collectively the students will create a pallet of colors to use for their pieces and from there the pulp can be layered to create a one-of-a-kind piece of art.

Vossler said she became inspired about the form of art after learning it from guest artists Margaret Mahan and Drew Matott who travel around the world with the Peace Paper Project.

“I’m used to working with metal which might seem like a total contrast but I’ve found there is a material connotation I could relate to,” Vossler said.

Many thin layers of pulp build up a beautiful, intricate, colorful pattern, which weaves through the composition. The end product is illusionistic, like an atmospheric painted landscape; and abstract, being a flat surface of fiber textures. Vossler said the work speaks as both a painting and an object.

During the course of the three night classes, Vossler said the class will learn the basics of pulping cutting up their shirts and feeding the material into pulping machine, create stencils to be used to raise the pulp from the screens for a three dimensional pieces and finally create a fun and intricate project for themselves.

The three night course costs $100 and includes material fees.

The course will begin July 16 and continue through July 18 from 6 to 8 p.m.

Anyone interested is asked to register for the class as space is limited. For more information go to BluSeedStudios.org. Additional questions can be emailed to admin@bluseedstudios.org or call 891-3799 to register.

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