Return of the Fly to leave listeners with buzz in ears

— Bringing its eardrum-exploding loud, East coast punk rock music to the region, the ROTA formed band, Return of the Fly (ROTF), will play during Mayor’s Cup festivities at 7 p.m. on July 13 at the gallery, 50 Margaret Street.

ROTF will play with long-time North Country heavy metal band Vicious Intent who will welcome visitors with “heavy metal mayhem.”

Born from the Zombie Prom two years ago, ROTF’s original members came together for a musical experience to pay homage to East Coast punk rock.

“Matt (Hall) was looking for someone to play a Zombie Prom and I said I do a good impression of (Glen) Danzig and the discussion led into us having a band,” vocalist Nicholas Dubay said.

Dubay said their name came from the most ridiculous Misfits song they could think of.

“The name of a Misfits song which was named for a Gibson Price movie,” Dubay said. “Return of the Fly is one of the dumbest songs because all it does is list the people who are in the movie “Return of the Fly” and just keeps repeating the title of the movie.”

The bands sound is created by Dubay, vocalist Sarah Mundy, Sam Egan and Franz Pope on bass, Matt Hall and Jordan Buck playing guitar and Garry Michael on drums.

Hall said the line-up has circulated and changed almost every six months since the band’s creation two years ago but the sound stays abrasive and the band strives to deliver “appropriately” loud music emulating their favorite punk rock bands.

“I just think it’s funny to yell at people and spit at them, that’s what punk rock used to be you heckle the crowd and they throw it right back at you and it just goes back and forth,” Hall said.

Dubay said their brand of punk is what true listeners want to see and experience. He said there are a lot of theatrics throughout their show.

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