Planning for future of Elizabethtown

These newcomers are not strangers and we shouldn’t fear them. They may be our children or our grandchildren, or retirees who have vacationed here for years and fell in love with Elizabethtown. They’ll join our fire company, support our churches and best of all, they will pay a share of the taxes. But people and businesses won’t come to a town of empty stores, crumbling houses and vacant lots.

What is the future of Elizabethtown? Do we have an idea? Do we have a plan? Or will we just let things happen? Will we be better or worse in 2020? If we want to survive, we need to plan for the future, a plan that we will create, and a vision of what we want Elizabethtown to be in a decade. This is the only way we’ll have control over our own future.

The Chamber of Commerce encourages and promotes our businesses. The Town Board has the legal responsibility to approve or disapprove the plan drafted by our Planning Board, but the ideas in it have come from the people of our town. Many folks have told me they would like to have a carwash, a Laundromat, a Deli, a sporting goods store, a bakery, high speed internet beyond the hamlet, cable TV, better cell phone coverage, better parking and more jobs.

No government can bring these services to us. Only a vital and growing community will attract the kinds of businesses we want. The future is in our hands. What happens in the next decade is up to us. Doing nothing will only guarantee failure.

Margaret Bartley, Supervisor

Town of Elizabethtown

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