Taxes on taxes

To the Editor:

Here we go again; the children have their hands in the cookie jar. Our intrepid Board of Supervisors and the only qualified person to be County Manager have come up with two new tax proposals. The first is a tax on a tax, but they have never seen a tax they could not spend.

During the discussion on imposing the vehicle registration tax, we get to hear the depth of thought and intelligence of the Board. One supervisor says that we should impose the tax because everyone else does (lemmings?). The other says that the tax would be a step towards decreasing the tax levy – ($150,000 decrease?). The County Manager then makes the mistake of speaking the truth saying “I think that this is a way to generate more revenue, I do not think that this is something we are doing to replace lost revenue.” All of the Supervisors are saying that it will be used for infrastructure, how many roads will be paved each year for $150,000?

The second cookie they are trying to pull from the cookie jar is the one-quarter percent increase in the sales tax, because everyone else is doing it. That logic is again overwhelming. The County Manager again says that it will pay for public services as (sic) road improvements, jail operations and Medicaid. How many new sources are we going to find for road improvements and paying for the jail that was supposed to pay for itself?

At no time in all of this discussion is it ever heard that the property tax levy will be decreased. When all of these new taxes are collected, they will be immediately spent and the property tax levy will increase yearly. Taxes will never go down, that is an anathema to politicians.

George King, Westport

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