Turning Back the Pages

The Warrensburgh Music Hall was lighted for the show Monday night, June 30, 1913 with two powerful automobile headlights from Tim Lynch’s garage with kerosene lamps for footlights.

Faded memories

The family of Attorney Abbott Jones of Troy are comfortably domiciled for the summer at the home of Professor. and Mrs. John B. Chilson of Upper Main St., Warrensburgh. This is their second summer here. Mr. Jones comes up for the weekends. (Note: Chilson became the popular new principal of the Warrensburgh school in 1909 and served for 13 years. I believe that he rented, the house on the south corner of Main and Hackensack Avenue. This house was owned and later lived in by Assemblyman Harry Reoux and I believe that it was originally owned and possibly built by Harry’s grandparents, Peter and Emily Venotte Pelkey, who settled here from Canada.)

Roads built ready for action

The state road has been completed to the bridge by the cabinet shop at Horicon. L.R. Dunlop of Stony Creek has a new Overland automobile.

Nearly everyone at Diamond Point is glad that the automobiles can use the new Lake George-Warrensburgh road as they were getting so numerous that it was dangerous for any foot-man to travel the roads.

Chester news

Contractor Walker’s heavy auto truck, if driven at a brisk pace through Chestertown streets, raises a small cloud of dust and vibrates houses.

Kettenbach Brothers’ new auto truck, driven by Cyrus Kettenbach, is said to be a profitable and prompt means of receiving merchandise from Riverside and delivering goods to customers.

Mrs. William Mead’s pet cow, “Rover,” has been transported from Charles Glassbrook’s pasture in Chestertown to one owned by Mrs. Mead’s father near Riverside.

News roundabout

Notice — Whereas my wife, Lillian Langworthy, has left my bed and board without just provocation, I hereby forbid all persons harboring her on my account as I shall pay no bills contracted by her after this date, June 25, 1913. Signed, Lewis Langworthy, Lake George, N.Y.

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