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To the Valley News:

I attended a meeting between the Elizabethtown council and the planning board where the council would be briefed on the new comprehensive plan. What got my attention was when a woman from New Russia stated that she inserted “malfunction junction,” as a topic in the new plan.I have suspected that individuals on the board inputted their own personal agendas and did not stick to the townpeoples inputs from the survey. Thinking that she was a civil engineer and knew a better way to do that intersection, I waited for input. What we got was the moderator telling us that “circles” were the new thing. Nothing on costs or statistics of accidents as they certainly would be the driving factors. Before the meeting started Bruce Pushee, “planning board leader,” asked me where I was from. I answered but wondered why he did not ask the members of his board. I moved here as I liked the town and people and certainly did not want to change the culture and cannot understand why other folks that move here want to change that. Most would assume that trying to assimilate and not changing the town would be the drive of new folks. If some want to make another Essex we should know that and be able to vote on that. I was told by a member of the town council that as an “implant,” I should not be on a town board. Did he tell the planning board members the same thing? The worthiness of a comp. plan was explained as giving us a leg up on other towns that do not have a plan. Unfortunately, many towns have plans and get the same leg up. If 33 percent of other towns have a comp plan then we lost our theoretical advantage over a third of the towns. A lot of money for what? Most plans lose their value in less than two years. How many of you town people know what was in the old town plan? Things change and a vigorous town council will keep the town abreast and updated. Study the present town zoning and you will see that no one kept it up to date or useful.

Bill Hubschman, Elizabethtown

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