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This law would have forced the Fort William Henry Hotel to stop advertising “comfortable” ice fishing for their guests as the hotel had made plans to set up many fishing huts with heaters, tip-ups and holes in the ice and so far this season they have not yet done so because of the unusual winter weather which has caused only six inches of ice to form on the lake. The ice races on Lake George have been postponed until Feb. 18, 1913.

News roundabout

According to the almanac there will be five eclipses this year, three of the sun and two of the moon.

On Jan. 11, 1913 the first sedan-type automobile, a Hudson, went on display at the 13th Annual Auto Show in New York City.

On Feb. 25, 1913 an amendment was ratified authorizing income tax. It will take effect March 1, 1913.

The new American rage for young and old is the insertion of a prize in a Cracker Jack box for the first time.

“Babe” Ruth, the up-and-coming young baseball player, celebrated his 18th birthday on Feb. 6, 1913 and is looking forward to good things to come his way. (George Herman Ruth, known as the most famous player in baseball history, was signed up the next year by the minor-league Baltimore Orioles. He died in 1948.)

James Shannahan is seriously ill at his home on the Thurman Road known at “Cat’s Corners.” (Note: This area, directly on the east end of the Thurman Bridge, is sometimes also called “Katz’s Corners and many wonder about the name’s origin. Call me at 623-2210 if you have any information.)

F.W. Hall, who has associated with Edson Granger in the Warrensburgh Automobile Garage on lower Main St., has moved his family here from Granville and is occupying Walter Pasco’s tenant house adjoining the Baptist Church on the corner of Main St. and Mountain Avenue.

Supervisor Fred Rogers of North Creek has just butchered a pig that weighed 650 pounds dressed. Will Harris of Athol shot a silver gray fox.

A hand-powered clothes washing machine is on sale for $4.98 at Bickley Brothers store at 172 Glen St. in Glens Falls.

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