New York gun law praised

To the Editor:

The letter from Lorraine Kovarovic of Schroon Lake asks why do responsible gun owners get more laws? No one can argue that criminals that use guns should be treated harshly by our legal system! This being said I would like to know why a background check of any honest person would violate their rights as defined in the Second Amendment!

Ms. Kovarovic also asks why is there no outcry when people are killed by drunk drivers, or blunt objects such as baseball bats or tire irons! I have to ask where has she been as there has certainly been outcries about these types of deaths! Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD) has been responsible for making law enforcement more vigilant against people who would harm others by driving drunk and crimes involving weapons are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law!

She goes on to say “Before you ask for our guns let me ask you to take a breath and think!” I have to ask who is asking her or anyone else for his or her guns? I own four pistols, four rifles and three shotguns! With this I also own a collection of antique firearms! I have had a Concealed Carry Permit for 50 years and had to undergo a complete background check! I fail to understand why a responsible gun owner would object to this!

Even the fools at the NRA want people with mental problems as well as those with criminal backgrounds to be stopped from getting their hands on guns! It is unfortunate that there is an element in our society that wants to arm themselves with assault weapons because they are insecure!

As a sportsman and a hunter I have no need for anything resembling an assault weapon or a gun with a high capacity magazine! Assault type weapons belong in the hands of those in our military and law enforcement! I can assure Ms. Kovarovic there is an outcry from men and women all across this country and the children who died at Newtown, Conn., will be remembered! The sad note is that it took the lives of these innocents to wake the American public!

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