Gun legislation helps

Have all the many legislative laws governing firearms solved our “gun violence” problem? No, obviously they have not, but when you look at the facts it cannot be denied that they have at least helped.

Of course, there will always be an extensive panels of “experts” that will testify before the public that for instance, tobacco and smoking do not cause cancer or that burning vast quantities of fossil fuels could not possibly lead to global warming and massive species extinctions, or that a few million people owning firearms with 30 shot clips designed to kill people isn’t really a part of the problem.

We do in fact have the incredible privilege of living in a democracy where we all don’t have to march to the beat of agendas that are based upon avarice, greed and distorted visions of reality. There is also no need for us to perpetuate a climate of violence against others and against our larger living world. We the people do in fact have the right to decide the best way to protect our children and our world.

Roger Frary, Putnam Station

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