Stop the ‘sideshow’

To the Valley News:

For those of us who don't live in Elizabethtown, Ken Fenimore's weekly diatribes in the Valley News letter columns provide an opening act of a terrific sideshow. We wait with baited breath for Act Two: Margaret Bartley's inevitable, artful refutation of every charge Ken hoped would bring the Supervisor down. It's a kind of continuous Punch and Judy show though only Punch gets regularly smacked down. We bystanders wonder what keeps Punch coming back for more.

But Elizabethtown residents must surely have more serious questions about this county-wide entertainment: why, for example, does the Valley News open its Letter Columns to a continuous, repetitive harangue of a dedicated public servant? Or one may ask: shouldn't someone come to Punch's rescue? If he doesn't know enough to avoid a swinging two-by-four every other week a kind editor ought to show him some mercy.

Carl Resek, Westport

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