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A Chicago doctor says that improper eating is the greatest cause of balding and there are many men in Warrensburgh who have been evidently been careless in their diet.

Although a heavy downfall of rain accompanied by thunder and lightening visited this area Friday, Jan. 3, 1913, the skating rink on the village playground on Hudson St., Warrensburgh was finally able to be opened Jan. 13, 1913, for the first time this season and was occupied all the first afternoon and evening by a merry crowd of young people.

In Bolton, fine skating is being enjoyed on Trout Lake. Anna Young lost a cow by slipping on the ice on the lake. Milo Cardle killed a pig for Jonathan Gates that weighed 525 pounds. Jerod Putney recently purchased the Russell Streeter place and John Ross of Diamond Point has purchased the farm of Jeptha Ross.

A new organ has been placed in the Methodist Episcopal Church in Johnsburgh.

In Bakers Mills, Dennis Waddell, while at work on his new house, fell from the staging and broke several of his ribs. Sarah Lackey stepped on a nail about three weeks ago which almost went through the skin on top of her foot. She has been suffering severe agony from the wound.

Charles H. Wilcox is collecting taxes at Sanford Kenyon’s store in Thurman. William J. Baker of North Thurman has lost his bay mare. Carl Wheeler of West Bolton lost a fine colt. Mr. Stevens and his son, Elmer of Wevertown lost a valuable cow. A colt belonging to Rozelle Stevens, which had been missing since early autumn, was recently found dead in the woods a short distance from the barn.

In Johnsburgh Corners, Earl Waddell, who was recently injured quite badly by being thrown from a load of hay to the frozen ground, is nearly well again.

Thought for the day: The coal dealer does his business exclusively with people who have money to burn.

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