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To the Valley News:

Wayne LaPierre says the NRA's solution to gun violence is to have more, "good guys with a gun" to deter the, "bad guys.” He said the 911 response should be, "one minute away" rather than, "one mile" away. So, let's see how we achieve that one minute goal…. Each school now should have one armed guard, perhaps more if it is a big school. But we also have shootings on college campuses, in movie theaters, and at shopping malls. Looks as though we've just reduced the unemployment rate to near zero, but who will pay for all these good guys?

Furthermore, with semi-automatic weapons and large ammunition clips, a bad guy can do a whole lot of killing in just one minute. And a good guy with a gun nearby is hardly a deterrent, since most of these mass shooters either commit suicide when confronted, or they somehow intend to get caught.

No, Mr. LaPierre, the only way to eventually reduce these senseless acts is to ban the tools that make such killings possible. This would have no effect on legitimate sporting rifles and pistols unless some hunter is willing to admit that it would take 30 shots to bring down a deer. Yes, hunting rifles can still kill people, but not nearly as many, And yes, there are a lot of assault rifles and pistols (with large clips for both) already out there, but the pattern from Columbine, to Blacksburg, to Aurora is that the killer acquired the weapons shortly before the shooting. Let's finally recognize that our brave militiamen who shot at the red coats as they marched on Concord could never have wanted their desire to bear arms result in the senseless gunning down of 20 young children and six others who tried to save them.

Tony Goodwin, Keene

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