Don’t punish gun owners

To the Editor:

Gun laws punish the law abiding citizens who own or want to own guns, not the criminals or the mentally ill who have gotten them illegally.

We have gun laws on the books right now that are not enforced. Why is that? Why is it that the criminals who kill people or use one in a crime get a slap on the wrist and we the responsible owners get more laws? Why is it that more 97 percent of crimes are committed by criminals than responsible gun owners, yet we pay the price and not them? Why it that more people are killed in traffic accidents, drunken drives included and more people are killed with blunt objects (baseball bats, clubs, tire irons etc..) yet where is the outcry from the public over that? Why is it that when a responsible gun owner saves the life of another or uses it to defend their family against a home invasion it is rarely talked about by the main street media? Why is it that there is no out cry about a newspaper listing the names, address and interactive map of gun owners, when it endangers battered women, women hiding from stalkers, women and children in general and officers of the law and their families?

Before you ask for our guns let me ask you to take a breath and think. Think about who did the killing in Newtown, Conn., Colorado and Arizona. It was deranged young men not a responsible gun owner. You will never stop a deranged person or criminal from killing anyone unless you own and have a gun on you at that time.

Lorraine Kovarovic, Schroon Lake

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