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To the Valley News:

The Sugarman Law Firm of Auburn, Buffalo, and Syracuse are representing sewer project engineers Barton & Loguidice in a legal action against the Town of Elizabethtown. The Sugarman Law Firm retains 42 partners, associates, and attorneys. They are clearly a large law firm that does serious work.

Yet, Town Supervisor, Margaret Bartley, states that, “this is not a lawsuit--basically it is a notice of an overdue bill.” I bet B & L isn’t retaining the Sugarman Law Firm just to send out an overdue bill.

I would conclude from this action that B & L believe there’s no future for an E’town sewer system. This begs the question; who will pay the outstanding balance of $92,000, and the legal bills, if a judgment goes in favor of B & L? Would it be all the taxpayers of E’town, or just the folks in the sewer district? A sewer district that will probably never have a sewer system.

In hindsight, it might have been better for Supervisor Bartley, and her Deputy, to have dealt with alternative sewer plans in legal public meetings with her Board.

I have a couple of other comments regarding tax money. The Supervisor now admits changing the 2013 budget due to numerous mistakes. This change happened a week after it was approved by the Town Board and certified by the Town Clerk. I believe she lacks such authority.

She states, “No funding/allocation lines were changed,” however the Comprehensive Plan revenue line was increased by $1,387 and at least 3 other revenue changes occurred.

Also, the Supervisor states that the $1,500 reduction from the “insurance buyout “line item in the budget is a result of the full time Supervisor no longer needing it, which I believe happened twice over the past 12 years. Since there is still $2.500 in that line item, am I to assume that the part time Councilman Martin is still taking the $1,500 cash, as he has each year for many years?

Perhaps Councilman Martin could be convinced to give up that extra allowance so that funding could be restored to the Ambulance Squad or the Library.

Ken Fenimore, Elizabethtown

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