Keeseville Column

Not much new to report this week. Definitely be careful around the AuSable River as ice blocks coming from upstream can change the situation quickly and dramatically. Obviously with temperatures in the forties this is also not a time to be trusting the ice at all for skating, fishing or walking. This time of year it’s best not to go alone or to at least let people know your planned locations and times.

A reminder that the big vote concerning the potential to dissolve Keeseville is coming up quickly. Take advantage of all the resources that have been collected by the village office and is available there and online at keeseville.ning.com. Voting will be Jan. 22, so make sure to come out to vote as either way this will have many ramifications, including serious financial ones, on our community both short time and long term. Everyone must decide for him or herself as to what is thought best.

Another reminder that PBS is airing “The Abolitionists” Jan. 15 and Jan. 22. More information is available at the PBS website pbs.org/wgbh/americanexperience/features/introduction/abolitionists-introduction. After watching feel free to live the history be checking out the North Country Underground Railroad Historical Society located on the grounds of the AuSable Chasm. While closed right now the Society has a wonderful and information rich website at northcountryundergroundrailroad.com.

Speaking of websites, feel free to visit the skinny Baker’s delicious looking Facebook page at facebook.com/pages/The-Skinny-Baker-at-TnT-Bakeshop/168446893174311. Temporarily that is the best way to see her gluten free goodies as TnT Bakeshop is closed until she can find the perfect gluten-free kitchen. Best of luck on her search and I hope it doesn’t take too long!!

Finally, remember to vote concerning the dissolution on Jan. 22. Stay safe and well everyone and have a great week. Namaste’

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