Hope is Eternal

Kids Count

While staying informed is important, too much negative news is simply too much. Balance your news intake by visiting websites like Daily Good or Happy News among others. There you will find many inspiring stories about people taking care of others or putting others ahead of themselves, these stories remind us that there are good and caring people among us.

If you have ever had a difficult experience in a job or in a relationship, than you know that there are times that hope for a better time may be all that sustains you. If your circumstance is particularly problematic than it can become difficult to be truly present as you are too often deferring to your interior space where hope compels you to go. It then becomes necessary to balance the energy and time spent hoping for a better circumstance and actually using energy in the present moment to seek out that which hope directs you to find, a better circumstance.

“Though no one can go back to make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.” (Anonymous) Sometimes adults forget that children, though somewhat limited in their understandings of tragic events or dark moments in life, they are not immune to the powerful energy that circulates around these events. In dealing with this dark energy in positive ways you will be teaching the children around you a very important lesson.

Everyone has down times or a difficult time, what is more important is what you do to get back up and going again. Life can be and is messy at times and there are important choices to be made when these dark times arise.

Change takes courage; courage comes from hope for a better day.

Remember all kids count.

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