Hope is Eternal

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Our media dominated world saturates us with news 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. The news is not good; in fact most of it is terrible. The tragedy of war, the broken bodies carried out of the smoking rubble, those lives now gone. The shooting deaths that have been happening at our schools where far too many innocent victims have perished in what appear to be senseless and tragic murders. The many people that are suffering with illness.

Just about everyone knows someone whose family has been turned upside down by cancer. The loss of a loved one through illness, an accident or as a victim of a senseless tragedy can leave many feeling utterly hopeless. If all we considered was the bad, the repugnant or tragic, the world could become a very dark and very sad place to inhabit. There is far more good in the world than bad if we look for it and therein lays a source for hope.

Notice the teenager that opens the grocery store door for the elderly lady and her response, “why thank you young man.” After you have been sitting at an intersection for what seems an eternity, someone looks you right in the eye and motions for you to go as a smile breaks across their face.

When Irene hit the Northeast many people came to help others they knew or didn’t know at all, some having lost so much of their own possessions yet willing to share what little they had left.

While we hear about tragedy every day and it can become a heavy weight, it does serve as a reminder that as Cat Stevens sang so profoundly, “We are only dancing on this earth for a short time.” No one knows when their last day will be, whether you are eight or eighty-eight, the uncertainty of life does not discriminate, it is real for every one without regard to wealth, power, fame, age, race or religion.

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