Are kids pointed in the right direction?

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Not only do entitlements breed a certain dependency but look at the popular trends today like Facebook or Twitter where young people can fool themselves into thinking they have hundreds or thousands of “friends.” They can block anyone who disagrees with them or pokes holes in their inflated self-esteem. They can choose to show the entire world only flattering, sexy or funny photographs of themselves, speak their mind on short posts and publicly connect to big name movie stars, professional athletes, politicians and musicians to whom they are digitally connected. They can quickly Google search any facts as easily as asking their phone for the answer.

It is a society where everyone is considered a champion, schools push underperforming students along, reality shows rule the airwaves, children who don’t fit the norm are drugged to conformity, energy drinks are the beverage of choice, video games are the great past-time and, as a nation, we keep borrowing money that this generation will someday be forced to payback.

It’s great that government and the taxpayers can lend a hand when you need it, but what happens when government reaches the point they can no longer treat the masses as special and individuals are forced to fend for themselves? What happens when reality really becomes real and it’s no longer just a do-over video game or TV show? Will our youth be prepared for the challenges which surely lie ahead of them in the future?

When you are young you’ve got nothing to compare to accept the events of the day. As you age you understand the difference between good times and tough times. As a nation we’ve been and continue to be on a good run economically, but at the rate we are currently spending one has to wonder how much longer the government can continue to borrow to support those who may not be up to the challenge of supporting themselves, let alone when they’ll need to support the Boomer generation.

Dan Alexander is associate publisher of New Market Press and owner and publisher of Denton Publications. He may be reached at dan@newmarketpressvt.com or dan@denpubs.com.

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