Lack of leadership

To the Times of Ti:

After watching the actions of the Ticonderoga town board for the last few years, the fact that our town has a severe leadership void is more than a little apparent.

The latest straw on the camel’s back is a state grant, with the support of the supervisor, secured to help Hacker Boat leave town. I just don’t understand how that can happen. Even Sen. (Betty) Little was fooled considering her statement of how good the grant would be for Ti.

Hacker has stated they need a larger facility and that is the main reason they are leaving. Did anyone think to mention the Lowe’s building?

We are spending $13 million on a water supply system when we seem to have one of the better sources in the state already being used. We do have a 100-year-old delivery system that is receiving no attention other than band aids when it breaks. So do we wind up with a new supply and no way to deliver the water? Or do we spend another $13 million to do what needs doing now?

Ti’s IP (International Paper) mill is developing a new natural gas pipe line to serve the plant, a plan that will cut their heat cost by 45 percent. Now that takes leadership. Is the town negotiating with the mill to insure the line is large enough for the surrounding communities? That, too, would take leadership, and I think the local residents, schools and businesses would love the chance to utilize the resource. Doesn’t look like it will happen.

I could go on but I think it is plainly and painfully obvious that our lack of leadership is hurting our town. The residents of our town deserve better.

Bill Grinnell, Ticonderoga

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