Saratoga gun show will go on as planned

I digress to the past because that should prove a track record for the future, and it appears that the future of our Arms Fairs wants to be called into question. There is a petition circulating in Saratoga Springs, created by some person who may see herself as a slayer of dragons, we being the fire-breather. I have heard of 650 signatories to this instrument to ban our gun show from the city. To me, it doesn’t matter whether she ends up with 650 or 1,000 because our event is in the right. We have a track record, we also have a contract, including three more, we are a legitimate company doing legal things and we are responsible, sensible and sensitive adults who can stand a challenge but would rather challenge a problem and correct it. What problem these other people see is not all that clear to me. We are not cancelling our Arms Fair.

These past several weeks I have been asked for many interviews by the media and press because I, along with my wife, Cathy, run a gun shop in Mechanicville, have for about 35 years. They wanted my “expert” opinion on why things happen, what I intend to do and how I feel, all asked among other insidious questions posed after the Newtown, Conn. massacre.

Yes, it was an insane person who massacred children. I wept when I heard of it. I have grandkids of the same age and can feel the horror too. As I am sure all of you can. And now, seeing that Cathy and I also run the Saratoga Springs City Center Arms Fair, we again are fair game.

As far as Cathy and I are concerned, we are going ahead with business as usual; our Saratoga Springs Arms Fair will go on. We are going to ask our dealers to either not bring AR-15s or look-a-likes to this January show. But, considering that these are legal and practical long-range target firearms, some of them highly collectable and valuable, and if they feel they must then at least display them as under-table stock or in a box on the table.

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