How safe are our schools?

Guest Commentary

There could be issues at home that could prompt a child to take out his frustrations at school. Children whose parents are experiencing discord or who are separating, tend to become withdrawn and rebellious — because many times the parents’ bitterness prompts them to divert their attention from their children. This observation comes from my first-hand knowledge: I was from a broken home.

Perhaps school staffers could re-commit themselves to being on full alert to monitor the behavior of our children. In one situation, that I recently experienced, a school principal, having been notified of a court order, failed to inform teachers and security staff forbidding a child to leave the school with a parent.

Safety in our schools should be addressed in a professional, uniform manner. Most teachers take their jobs seriously, and perform their duties to the best of their ability. But there are administrators, teachers and staff members who have lost touch with their priorities. Should we assume that these staff members can still be trusted with the lives of our children?

Our local public school is staffed with many very qualified professionals. However, based on past practice of some administrators, I feel that more can be done to ensure the safety of our kids. I do, and always will, have concerns about my kids during the course of a school day. I just would like more assurance that our children are getting the best educations possible, and that they are safe while getting it.

Mike Turano, Pottersville

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