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It seems pretty quiet now as far as finding out news. Please call or email me with your news.

As usual the weather is a big factor when living in this area. The road crews have been so very busy since Christmas. Not getting much rest. A lot of private owners have been plowing people’s driveways so they can get out to work or errands. So many are having to shovel off buildings. Be careful when doing this.

The ski areas are very pleased with the added snow. The skiers help in the businesses in the area. Also, the snow helps people keep their job.

Agnes Straight took Rosalie Russell to the doctor on Friday. Agnes also took Barbara Ross to Warrensburg recently.

Merle Coulter calls from Florida that the weather is chilly and have to have the heat on.

Happy Birthday to those having a birthday soon. Happy Anniversary, too.

Hester's History (cont.)

(Writer’s Note: I am backing up a little for what I wrote in the paper last.)

I am not sure that I will be able to write all that Daisy wants me to write and record here.

I used to tell some little stories to the children, that I had read or heard or knew when I was young: “A horse that went into a house,” “The pie and the bantam rooster,” “Scott and Topsy,” “The cows bells stuffed with ferns,” “The Dockey,” “The boy that cried so much,” “The Indians and the Jack O’Lantern,” and “The little meeting we started to have in the Ed Maxam barn on the hay and the hornets.”

The horse was taken in to an old empty house to be hid from a man who desired to take Dolly (probably for a spare) and seeing an open window in the wood shed where we had taken her. We took her out and into the woods to hide until the man had taken a different horse and gone.

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