Rafting company proposes new base complex; neighbor objects

Beaver Brook Outfitters, Wevertown

— Town Zoning Enforcement Officer Danae Tucker told the board that she had visited the property and in her opinion, the swath of trees and brush separating the two properties was not insignificant.

“I couldn’t see the house from where I was,” Tucker said.

Monda wasn’t having any of it and repeatedly told the board that he intended to hire an attorney and sue the town and Burns for destroying his view and his Adirondack quality of life. Monda said the view wasn’t his only concern. He said he didn’t want to listen to car doors shutting and people coming back from a rafting trips being boisterous and laughing. He said he was also concerned about oil-and-gas-contaminated water running off Burns’ property and onto his. He referenced a low point on his property where he claimed water gathered.

During the course of the back-and-forth discussion, Burns repeatedly agreed not to remove the swath of trees and brush separating the two properties and agreed that if pressed, he’d go so far as to move dirt to create a low berm between the two properties to make sure runoff stays on his property and doesn’t flow onto his neighbor’s.

“I’m willing to make minor changes,” Burns said. “But I’m not going to make major changes to the plan.”

At the advice of Planning Board attorney Mike Hill, the board tabled the application to allow time for Planning Board members to visit the site to gain a better perspective of each property in relation to the other. Doing so would allow Planning Board members to determine the degree to which the project would encroach on Monda’s view and gain a better understanding of the topography and where storm water would flow.

The Planning Board will revisit the project at its next meeting, scheduled for Monday, Jan. 28 at 7 p.m. at Tannery Pond Community Center in North Creek.

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